Admissions Units

Units of the Deanship of Graduate Study

The Deanship of Graduate Studies works hard to develop programs for all graduate students, and is committed to doing its utmost to ensure that the interests of graduate students at every level of decision-making are met. The Deanship consists of five units:

  • Admissions Unit
  • Student Affairs Unit
  • Computer and Information Unit
  • Administrative Affairs Unit
  • Quality Assurance Unit

Admissions Unit:

  • The admissions unit receives the files of applicants for graduate studies and reviews each applicant's qualifications individually, examining a variety of characteristics that verifies each applicant’s academic record and indicates each applicant’s potential for success.
  • The admissions unit then prepares a list of applicants meeting the requirements and sends the list to the departments concerned in order to complete the admission procedures.
  • The admissions unit then keeps track of those students who have been accepted and prepares a list to be presented to the Student Affairs Committee for its recommendation. The list of names is then forwarded to the dean who will make the final decision regarding the applicants’ suitability. Letters of admission are then sent to successful candidates.
  • The admissions unit is also responsible for forwarding the list of students accepted into the graduate programs in each department so that the registration process is followed up.

Student Affairs Unit:

  • The role of this unit begins with the registration of students each term. Then it keeps track of the students’ academic records to ensure they are followed the prescribed plan of their graduate studies.
  • The student affairs unit maintains a complete record of the special tracks of study available. It also determines the need for an increase in the number of students in certain areas of study. It also recommends new areas of study. It manages the process of adopting students’ research plans, and other administrative needs of the students.
  • The unit is responsible for keeping track of the examining committees responsible for assessing students’ theses and dissertations. It also prepares documents that grant degrees to students upon successful completion of their degree requirements.

Computer and Information Unit:

  • The role of the computer and information unit is to automate processes within the graduate deanship. It coordinates with other units to perform various tasks. It monitors the introduction of new study plans for the master's and doctoral programs.
  • The computer and information unit plays an important role in preparing schedules for each academic semester, processing information, and preparing for the commencement of study.
  • The computer and information unit handles the automated registration of students, and maintains a database in which information is stored about titles of research projects, names of supervisors and faculty involved in examining committees, etc.
  • The computer and information unit is responsible for the design of the website of the Deanship of Graduate Studies on the university website. The unit also follows up on electronic applications. It trains staff to use new computer programs and to utilize new regulations.