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 Deanship of Graduate Studies

In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Gracious.

The rapid developments in the world and new discoveries to solve urgent and future problems of our life  which requires the necessity  of keeping pace with the latest international systems and standards in the fields of education and scientific research. Our responsibilities in the university and postgraduate studies is to think hard how can we find short and long-term plans for solutions and keep pace with regional and global changes. It is a great honor and responsibility, requires more effort, to assume the Dean of Graduate Studies and  at Najran University. Najran University has many potentials, resources, human resources, material and technical resources that qualify it to perform its mission and carry out its enlightening and civilized role to raise the Saudi society, compete with national universities and keep pace with the new scientific research.

There is no doubt that the graduate deanship in Najran University comprise many programs that serve all the faculty members and assistants, in addition to graduate students in the faculties of the university ; which spare no effort to improve the process of scientific research and promote the global classification, including nine programs in Mathematics, Physics , Special Needs Education, Applied Linguistics, Curriculum and Instruction, Kindergarten, Hadith, Jurisprudence, Business Management.

I pray to Allah Almighty to help me in the performance of my mission during the period in which I take up the dean of graduate studies and, which will be achieved only with serious cooperation between me and my colleagues' deans of faculties and institutes of the university and faculty members and their assistants.

Best Regards,


Dean of Graduate Studies

Dr. Mohammed M. Aseeri


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